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Information Technology, Special Security, and Data Science Solutions


Organizations have an exponential explosion of data to manage and decipher. How that data and complexity is handled is becoming increasingly more difficult and challenging at a rapid pace. Many have considered data science as a solution to this challenging problem and yet do not really know what data science is or what data scientists do. Data Science is an inter-domain field spanning, statistics, computer science, and higher mathematics. The purpose of data science is to deliver data-driven insights to organizations using statistical analysis, visualizations and predictive technologies such as regression, classification, and clustering. At RISA, we take the complexity out of data science. Using Data Science we take data and apply data mining algorithms to discover business insights. Using Data Science we take data and apply machine learning algorithms to make predictions and from those predictions, prescribe business actions. Whether you need data science consulting or training, RISA can meet your needs. For more information email us at datascience@risadirect.com


8(a) Certification


The Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Direct Award vehicle enables agencies to engage in direct buy contracts with certified contractors. Learn more about establishing an 8(a) Sole Source Contract with RISA

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Since 2008, RISA has had the pleasure of working side by side with exceptional, large businesses such as CACI (Formally L3 National Security Solutions (NSS)), and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (HPES).  These business relationships have allowed RISA the chance to gain valuable experience as a government contractor as well as to enhance the support offered by our teammates to their clients.  RISA welcomes the opportunity to team and work with your business as well. 

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